A new entry: the 3D HandySCAN

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Our metrology lab can now count on the manageable precision of the new 3D HandySCAN, a laser device that rapidly checks and carries out dimensional surveys on any type of product, whether in plastic, metal or any other material. Imagine a truly portable 3D scanner, weighing less than a kilogram, with autonomous positioning and dynamic reference, which performs up to one million 300 thousand measurements per second and which, thanks to its ergonomic design, allows our technician to scan moving objects, even complex ones, under difficult conditions, simply by turning around. Thanks to this new purchase, our metrology takes another step towards quality surveying and accuracy. Ready and operational in under 2 minutes, the 3D HandySCAN needs no tripod, is free and independent and ensures a rapid workflow, from scanning to creating a 3D model, thanks to multiple laser crosses. The same device can also scan different objects in real time. The instrument is so easy to transport that we will be able to make the most of it wherever we are, and even use it for working at customer sites. At this point, it is easy to see how this new technological equipment will ensure we always work under the best conditions, enhancing performance, in terms of speed and precision, both in the quality control of production and in product...

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The new MAZAK VARIAXIS I700 5-axis milling machine

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Our technological equipment has been elevated with the addition of a new machine, a simultaneous 5-axis multi-surface machining centre. The VARIAXIS I700 is the latest generation of machining centres from MAZAK, which, thanks to its simultaneous 5 axes, enables contemporaneous machining of multiple faces, allowing for an extremely high level of precision, excellent machine ergonomics and reduced process times. Remaining ever faithful to our philosophy of constant innovation, the new machine allows us to achieve unsurpassed speed and high precision performance, in line with INDUSTRIA 4.0 regulations. The VARIAXIS I700 will enable us to increase our production capacity, reflecting positively on our delivery times. We will be able to work more and more complex components, reducing the number of workpieces placed in the machine and therefore minimising the number of machining phases. All of this leads to increased machining precision and higher-quality machined components. This is a very high-performance machine, designed with special attention to the environment and predisposed for further automation in the future. In summary, it is a machine that is totally in line with our business vocation, aimed at the continuous technological innovation which we have dedicated steady and continuous investments over the...

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May 5 to 8 MOULDING EXPO in Stuttgart

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We will be present with our stand at the international exhibition specialized in the manufacture of molds, models and tools, that will take place in Stuttgart, Germany. We will bring to the knowledge of the specialized visitors, of this important international showcase of the sector, all our technology, our know-how and our ability to work in partnership with the customer from the earliest stages of the birth of an industrial project. We will give a particular highlight to our experience in automotive glass encapsulation, but we will also emphasize the rest of our recognized wide range of processes and services. The event, organized by the three most important German associations in the sector (VDMA – German Engineering Association, VDW – German Machine Tool Builders Association and VDWF German Tool and Mould Makers Association), offers the opportunity to present itself to a professional audience, made up of potential international buyers and customers. The MOULDING EXPO 2015 takes place in Stuttgart, in the center of Baden-Wurttemberg, the region with the highest level of industrialization in Europe, with a strong presence of companies from automotive sector and related components. We are waiting for you, come and visit us at MOULDING EXPO 2015. Stuttgart, May 5 to 8, Hall 6, Stand A31. More info about...

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C.A. Stampi on Eventi of Il Sole 24 Ore

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The newspaper insert Eventi of Sole 24 Ore publishes an extensive article about our company. A short text in which the journalist reports an interview with our CEO Nicola Casalanguida that highlights the positive experience of C.A. Stampi, company that was able to transform into opportunities for growth and innovation the long period of the current economic crisis. The recipe for success is not simple, it requires seriousness and extreme attention to the customer and can be synthesized, according to Mr. Casalanguida, in the commitment of all levels of the company on “selling and innovating”, capacity on which have to be concentrated the maximum available resources. It is clarified, however, that the concept of “selling” is not to be understood within the meaning of the banal sale of an item or service. To sell for C.A. Stampi means to establish with the other party a relationship of trust, to transmit the certainty of a partner you can always count on, offering availability, flexibility and enthusiasm to carry out work with pleasure, in order to “regain” the customer continuously. At the same time you have to be attentive to all the changes and you have to adapt quickly to the new requirements, indeed you have to try to predict new trends and new technological possibilities, to work in a more efficient, faster and safer way. Read the article of Eventi Sole 24...

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UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification renewal

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C.A. stampi obtains the renewal of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 quality certification, certification acquired since 1998. On this occasion the certification has been implemented in two new fields of application: the plastic impellers production for automotive water pumps and the design and manufacture of glass encapsulation molds for automotive. Two kinds of production on which C.A. Stampi has already gained experience for many years and now they are established by the extension of the certification...

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The new Diamond milling machine arrives

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A new entry in our large assets of technological resources: We recently bought the Parpas Diamond milling machine. A milling machine with last generation 5 axis high speed portal, which allows the machining of large molds. The large work surface also allows to put more molds in the machine, to increase production efficiency during periods when there isn’t the operator. With this investment C.A. Stampi lays the foundation to work also for other sectors, as energy sector and aeronautics, making available its professional experience at the service of further fields of precision mechanics. The machine has a conditioning system patented by Parpas, that provides excellent thermal stability resulting in machining...

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